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Professional Pest Control offers a wide range of residential and commercial exterminating services for termites, ants, bees/wasps, pill bugs, scorpions, spiders, silverfish, rodents and much more.

The trusted name in termite inspection.

Bubba Rosenkranz, owner of Professional Pest Control since 1987, has been providing WDI reports for realtors for over 25 years in the Brazos Valley Area. Bubba recommends a WDI Inspection on the purchase of all homes even if it is NOT required by the mortgage company. The inspection will also show any conducive conditions around your home. Professional Pest Control uses the required Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report that is provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Structural Pest Control Service. Along with the report, you will also be given pictures of any conducive conditions. After completing the report, it is emailed to the realtor, title company, and the buyer upon request.

Monthly & quarterly services for homeowners

The best way to eliminate pests and maintain a pest-free environment is to sign up for Professional Pest Control’s monthly and quarterly services. We inspect your entire property and evaluate exactly what you need.

Our quarterly services carry a 90-day guarantee. If you have trouble in between visits, you will never be charged. Unfortunately, flea and termite problems require special chemicals and are not covered under our quarterly service umbrella.

If you have recently moved into a new home, we recommend a clean-out service to ensure that pests were not left behind by the previous tenants. Whether you are looking for a one-time service or wish to request regular maintenance visits, Professional Pest Control is here to help.

Practice termite control in your day-to-day life.

Termites live in the soil and feed on wood. Every house is susceptible to termite invasion, but there are ways to reduce your chances of attracting termites. Keep wood piles away from your house and eliminate excess moisture issues with a dehumidifier or other efforts.

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes in the U.S. every year, and they can be hard to detect unless you are trained to do so. Professional Pest Control will inspect your home to make sure you don’t have a termite problem. If you do, we’ll eliminate the termites on your property and protect your home from future invasions.


Roaches are attracted by decaying organic matter like trees and wood piles. They scavenge on most foods and can be hard to find in your home. Professional Pest Control will take care of the roaches you see and more importantly, the roaches you don’t see. We’ll make sure that your home is completely free of roaches in no time.


There are many different kinds of ants in the Texas region, and each can pose a different problem for your home or office. We have the experience to distinguish between different species of ants, and we’ll find the most effective way to exterminate them. You never have to worry about quality when you call Professional Pest Control.


Mice, rats, or moles in your home can cause a significant amount of damage and distress. Mice and rats feed on anything while requiring little water to survive. We have effective methods for determining the source of your rodent infestation and eliminating the problem. We can also advise you on how to prevent rodents from choosing your home as a place to stay in the future.

Feel free to call our team of experts for any questions or concerns you may have; we would be happy to help!