Pest Control Frequently Asked Question’s

What kind of chemicals do you use?
We only use chemicals approved by the Structural Pest Control Board that is safe for your home and family.

How often do I need my home treated?
We recommend that your home be put on a quarterly service (90 days). This consists of inside treatment that is needed to rid your pest problem. The outside around your home is also treated.

Do you need to treat inside?
We recommend that it is also done, but we do offer outside service only.

What about my pets?
Our chemicals now days are safe for pets as well. Use to, pets would need to be removed from the home.

Can my home get termites?
Yes, termites live in the soil and feed on dead wood. With a yearly inspection and shown ways to help from getting termites can help. Keep wood piles away from the house, kept the soil line at lease 4 – 6 inches lower than your slab and correct any moisture problems. A wooden fence connected to your home is a good way for termites to start.