Pest Control in Bryan, TX & College Station, TX | Termite Inspection & Control

Professional Pest Control is the local leader for eliminating pests in homes and businesses for all of Bryan and College Station, TX. We have the experience, tools and technology to make your pest problems a thing of the past.

It’s difficult to feel comfortable in your home if you suspect a pest infestation. If you have signs of termites, ants, fleas, rodents or any other pests, give Professional Pest Control a call and we’ll make certain we not only identify all of the pests in your house, but eliminate them as well.

Don’t delay if you discover an infestation. Insects can create health problems for your family and severely damage your home. Call Professional Pest Control to help! We are committed to providing our customers in the Bryan, TX and College Station, TX area with superior pest control services that you can trust to last.

Protect your investment with a free termite inspection!

Don’t risk damage to your biggest asset. A termite or carpenter ant problem can cause drastic damage if not taken care of properly. We have the proper solution for every home or business. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to come to your property for any potential termite problem that might not be readily apparent. One of the most dangerous things about termites, after all, is all of the damage that they can do without you realizing. Trust the termite controls pros at Professional Pest Control to find these problems and eliminate them.

Professional Pest Control offers termite inspection and in-home consultation, among other pest control services. Give us a call at 979-779-3326 today to schedule your appointment.